User Guidelines

The User Guidelines set out herein below applies to all Users of AutoDoc’s Services. The main purposes of these Guidelines are to ensure progressive buy-sell activities and to uphold pleasant relationships between the Users.

All Users shall not use the Services or any Content for any unlawful purpose and agree to be bound by the following:-

  1. User Guidelines;
  2. Terms and Conditions of Use;
  3. other relevant guidelines by AutoDoc; and
  4. all applicable Malaysian Laws including, without limitation to, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code, while using the Services provided by the Company.

Always be Pleasant

The paramount factor in successful dealing is respectful interaction between the buyer and seller. Be approachable and polite to other Users to ensure a user-friendly environment for all Users of the Services.

Build and Sustain a Good Reputation

Undertake to deal fairly and maintain good relationships with the other Users of AutoDoc. We are desirous to create a friendly community amongst the Users hence be respectful to each other.


Impersonation is strictly prohibited. We do not condone such acts of portraying another User in a misleading or deceptive manner or any other way. Upon discovery by AutoDoc, the account will be permanently suspended altogether.

Payment transactions

All payment transactions are made directly between the Buyer and Seller and AutoDoc are not responsible for any relevant issues/disputes. We do not serve as agents and do not make any commission from any successful transactions made through our Services.

Report Ad

If any even you come across a Seller who have breached any terms and conditions of AutoDoc including these Guidelines, click on the ‘Report Ad’ button and fill up applicable details of the report and we will look into the matter. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email at to notify us and we will follow-up with an investigation.


Spamming is not condoned in any way altogether.

Interruption of Services

Users shall not to hack into, interfere with, hinder, disable, over-burden or otherwise impair the proper working of the Services.

AutoDoc reserves the right to review, amend or vary in any way the User Guidelines from time to time and take any action on the Users concerning any breach of the User Guidelines. Should you have any queries or any immediate cause for concern, do get in contact with the AutoDoc team while providing as much relevant details (identity, concern, description etc) and our admin team will get in touch with you.