RaceChip GTS Black Review

July 30, 2018
Posted by: jenius

Most car manufacturers are extremely conservative in the programming works to the Engine Control Units (ECU). The ECUs not programmed to simply allow cars to achieve maximum power capabilities, with factors such as emissions, fuel economy and vehicle warranty all put into careful consideration. And these restrictions here leave a car that is limited from its true potential.

We have carried out prudent tests on the RaceChip GTS Black on our own BMW E71 X6 3.0 Diesel, in recent months.

The software of the GTS Black includes seven fine tuning mappings which were precisely calibrated for individual engines, and which the car owner can utilize to adapt the software to suit the car engine’s performance characteristics. Using the free RaceChip mobile application, users can remotely choose from three driving presets – Efficiency, Sport and Race– without leaving the driver’s seat or even the house as long as the smartphone and the RaceChip GTS Black module are within operational Bluetooth range.

This degree of detail, which is usually only seen in track-ready sports cars, allows RaceChip GTS Black to transform your car into an all-purpose vehicle, be it a fuel sipper in traffic or a high-performance machine for a spirited weekend drive, in an instant. Better yet, there’s a smarter solution for casual drivers who want a simpler set of driving modes to choose from.


The vehicle in question has a claimed combined fuel consumption of 7.4l/100km. RaceChip impacts injection amount, injection period, fuel injection timing and charging-air pressure, and such optimization leads to enhanced engine performance and fuel savings!

We hardly noticed any difference during our city drive but on the other side of the spectrum, we did record a notable 10% improvement in fuel consumption while cruising on the highway. Our driver claimed an overall fuel consumption improvement of 50km per full tank with this device, affording him a range of 650 kilometres.

To experience better fuel efficiency, we strongly advice all RaceChip users not to step on the accelerator more than you did before the installation of this device!


Having tested all three modes using on the X6, we can safely conclude that Sport offers the highest degree of performance improvement without impeding day-to-day usability. On open straights, pickup is evidently quicker as the aging engine seemed to take less time in hitting the peak of its torque curve.

The notable increase in torque and power reserves can be experienced by the lesser number of shifts needed. The horsepower and torque lines were also smoother and extended out without the bumps and fluctuations compared to the drives without the device, as well as a more consistent air/fuel mix.

Increased output aside, the engine never sounded stressed at any point, with no changes in overall driving refinement levels to report of.


Power delivery under the Race Mode cannot be understated. The engine responses of the X6 is much quicker compared to the Sport Mode and the evident torque increase gives the driver an elevated driving pleasure.

The Race Mode significantly raises the operating speed of the engine to increase the sensitivity of the throttle. We also note that the transitions shifts were smooth to permit maximum potential horsepower and torque gains. But on the downside, drivers tend to lose fuel economy while driving under the Race Mode.

The near-instant response is certainly pleasing, but driving at a constantly raised RPM sounds like a better fit for the track.

RaceChip GTS Black with Bluetooth connectivity as tested retails for RM5,999 in Malaysia. However, customers who like and follow local distributor, RaceChip Chiptuning Malaysia, on Facebook can enjoy a special fan price of RM4,999 for this multi-purpose product that only takes 10 minutes and no tools to install. Contact Racechip Malaysia at 0173311222 now for the best offers!