Welcome to AUTODOC

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to welcome you to AutoDoc. We want to introduce to you this new experience in your vehicle care and maintenance.

There is always a peculiar connection between a vehicle and driver. Some of us even treat our rides better than our spouses! We wash and polish them religiously to make them look appealing and nonchalant. But we Motorheads recognize that in order to conserve a vehicle’s value; one has to ensure that it is prodigious not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

How We Help You & The Industry

Bottom line, we Motorheads strive for the best for our rides. Regardless of whether you work on your vehicle yourself or a mechanic, you want to invest in quality auto parts. And AutoDoc is here to assist you in procuring all your automotive needs! From engines and brake pads, to headlights and interior consoles, AutoDoc boasts an extensive range of new and used automotive parts & accessories of various vehicle makes and models for you to browse, in Peninsular Malaysia.

We are no agents, and nor do we own any auto parts and accessories. AutoDoc functions only as a desirable portal for those who wish to obtain auto parts and accessories (including mechanics!).

Why Wait Any Longer?

Are you someone who needs a car part?

AutoDoc is here to help you find the correct car part at an affordable price. Just browse through our huge selection of car parts added by our various vendors and contact them to get your cart fixed.

Are you a dealer who wants more customers?

AutoDoc is here to help you find more customers by putting your business front and center on Malaysia’s first car parts directory. Put up your products and let our customers contact you to seek your service.